Board member operating as the role of Secretary.  Is responsible for documenting board meeting minutes and voting on operational decisions of the company.

In her Administrative role, Rachel Church is responsible for updating executive officers, monitoring all administrative staff operations and developing connections for executives. She assists in the day to day operational needs of the company; dealing with human resources, communication and organizational setup. Rachel Church has a double degree in Education, with over 20 years’ experience as a child educator.

She has worked in many school environments, with students across many ages with diverse educational, physical and behavioral needs. This experience has allowed Rachel to develop astute skills in group management, communication and the ability to perceive potential problems as well as successfully implementing solutions.

Rachel is an Australian citizen, currently living in Middle Georgia with her husband and two children, on a military posting with the Royal Australian Airforce.

As the company expands globally, Rachel is excited to implement her knowledge of the company and products, to help navigate connections and successfully develop able in Australia.

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