Executive Consultant:

Murray Bawn is responsible for providing professional insight, support and guidance to the other Executive Roles at able.  His business experience, abilities to assess other people’s strengths and identify areas of opportunity, are an asset to the company.

After graduating from Peach County High School in 1977, Murray embarked on a career in Retail Sales, which has now spanned over 40 years. In this time he has gained valuable management and leadership skills, with astute abilities in communication and negotiation.

He has created many productive team environments while following corporate guidelines and holding his employees to a high standard.

Murray and his wife have been married for 4o years, and have raised their 3 children together. He has instilled a strong community spirit in his children by being an active community member himself. Through his work with the charity United Way, Murray helps to connect families with resources, and create opportunities for local youth. He is also actively involved in the Boys and Girls Club, where he encourages members to reach their full potential, through advocating for long lasting change.

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